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A Minister's Meditation
By Joe Gray

I remember several years ago, as a student, a classmate of mine suddenly was told that he was affected with a deadly disease.

Specialists told him that unless he underwent a series of highly expensive operations immediately he would lose his life. A plea was carried to the school to help him in this great struggle between life and death. Faced with such a terrible situation the students went to work immediately planning, sacrificing, and working to save the boy's life. Students missed their weekly movie, contributed the girl's flower money, changed class party plans in order to help Gene. I remember how very proud I was to be a part in that effort that ultimately saved that boy's life, and how wonderful it was to see him play and laugh with us all again.

Today there is a plea before us - a man and a woman - many men, many women - are afflicted with a dreadful disease. A disease that begins within and eateth away the life as does a canker.

Unless a very expensive cure is administered at once many will die. The remedy for the disease of sin is so expensive that it is composed of the blood, not only of a man, but the blood of the Son of God! It is expensive for us today, for it costs a great deal of time and many dollars to give this remedy to the world. It may mean that we will have to give up a few parties, movies, flowers, maybe some ice cream, or clothes - but once done and you see the sparkle of joy in the eyes and heart of a man that was dying, but now is alive forevermore, you will say, "Indeed it is wonderful to be a Christian."

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