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By Dillard Thurman

Our Saviour has said
He will bring forth the dead
With the living, to meet in the air,

In God's home supernal
Where life is eternal;
For sin can ne'er enter there.

Free from sadness and pain,
There the faithful shall reign
With Jesus, our Saviour and Friend.

And there they shall capture
The great joy and rapture
In that land that is free from all sin.

Our tears all wiped away
By our God on that day,
We'll be free from the stain of all sin.

Dear friends we'll be meeting,
And the righteous be greeting;
But the wicked shall ne'er enter in.

Many faithful now trod
Toward that city of God
To escape this old world and its care.

For on that bright morrow
We'll be free from all sorrow;
For sin can ne'er enter there.

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