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Are You Doing What You Can?
by Stan L. Caldwell

I came across a poem today that made me wonder if we are doing what we can for the Lord? Often we want to do big things for the Lord but the little things of everyday life we often count as nothing. Are you doing what you can?

Naaman wanted to do big things for the Lord, in 2 Kings 5 but he was simply told to dip and be clean? Many will not "arise and be baptized and wash away their sins" today, Acts 22:16, but they would do big things for the Lord.

The poor widow gave all she had, though it was only two mites, to the Lord and the Lord made note of it, Mark 12:42-44. Many give in a manner that makes little or no sacrifice on their part and claim they are giving great amounts to the Lord.

Diotrephes in 3 John 9 wanted the preeminence in the church. How great he felt himself to be. But he would not receive John the apostle or those who were sent by him. What an attitude he did have. So many want to rule others in the church but do not encourage those who are seeking and serving the Lord.

The sinful woman of Luke 7:37-50 poured oil upon the feet of our Lord and how she was disdained but many today do not even assemble around the table of the Lord each Sunday.


If I could bring a sacrifice
Of something rich and rare and new,
Some shining gift of precious price -
Ah, that is what I'd love to do.
But I have naught, so poor am I,
That is of value in His sight -
And then it seemed a voice nearby
Said, "Did you note the widow's mite?"

If I could do some mighty deed
To rouse the world in Jesus' name,
And bring to Him the hero's meed
Of great achievements and of fame -
But I - my hands are far too weak
To do a task so big and hard -
Again I heard the small voice speak;
"Remember Mary's cruse of nard?"

O let me learn the better part,
And to this truth forever cling;
That God is looking on the heart
And not upon the gift we bring.
And let me then with courage bold
Say, as I trust, and serve and live;
"I've nought of wisdom, power or gold,
But what I have I freely give!"
-- Selected --

Let us do what we can. We need not worry about what we are incapable of doing but rather do what we can. Someone has put it like this, "It is not what you would do with a million if you had it, but what are you doing with the dollar and a quarter you've got!"

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