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By Stan L. Caldwell

Too often we are sad and down and out. Often it is our outlook that destroys the happiness that we should be having. Sin should cause us to be unhappy, whether it is sin on our part or on the part of others. We should work at removing sin from ourselves and that should help us overcome unhappiness. As we think of others, we may point to things that are not sin but are irritations that we build up in our own minds. And then we are sad for no good reason. Here are some things that might help you think of others so as to make you happy.

HAIL OTHERS: The happiest people I know have a way of hailing other people. They look for the best that is in them. They greet them with a smile and a warm, true handshake. They lift their spirits. They speak to everyone. This is not a hard thing to do if you are happy and few things can make you happier than hailing others in this way.

APPRECIATE OTHERS: Gossips have a way of talking about the worst that they can find in other people and building upon that to the point of destroying any happiness they can have or others can have about them. A happy person appreciates the good that is found in other people. He seeks to encourage such and thus causes others to be happy and he in turn is happy.

PRAY FOR OTHERS: The people of the world curse others. They seek to bring them down and hurt them in any way in which they can. True Christians never want to hurt people but they do pray for even their enemies. What could do your happiness more good than praying for those about you, especially those who have caused you grief?

PUT OTHERS FIRST: When we put ourselves first, we are saddened at the success of others. But when we put others first, whatever good comes to them is a joy to us. We are to put the Lord first of all. Thus, righteousness on every hand makes us happy, wherever it is found. When someone is separated from God hope and salvation are destroyed. But seeking to uplift and even save others brings happiness.

YEARN FOR THE BEST IN OTHERS: This is what we need most of all. Who are you thinking of? What are you wishing for them? Is it harm, hurt, destruction? Or is it what is best for them, their growing spiritually, their standing upright before God and man? Do you wish for others that they may be loved and appreciated for what they are and what they do? If you yearn for the best in others and then you work for that end, when you see it, you will be happy!

Are you a happy person, in the way we are speaking? Or are you a miserable, hurtful and sinful person? Let us learn to rejoice in the Lord and in all that is right! Let us look within ourselves and see if we are an encouragement to others in what is right and good!

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