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Do I Have To?
By George Jones

More and more it seems that this generation is asking, "Do I have to?" Members of the church have become prone to reacting the same way concerning many duties of the Christian life. The idea is to do what one is required because it is his duty, but no more. Jesus taught those who only do the bare essentials of duty are unprofitable servants (Luke 17:10). Because many members regard the 10 o'clock service on the Lord's Day essential, and all of the other services non-essential, the Sunday morning service is well-attended while the other services suffer. One thing in particular that suffers because of this is the Bible classes just one hour before the morning worship. No doubt, if more people thought it essential to attend the Bible classes, more would attend them.

But, is attendance in these classes essential? Essential to what: to growth in grace and knowledge; to the development of Christian character; to readiness to teach others?

Attention has already been called to the fact that only one-third to one-half of our members attend the Sunday morning classes. Recently, we came across another fact that we believe is significantly related to the first fact. In a recent evening class of young people with 20 in the class; it was found that only three could quote from memory John 3:16. None could name the books of the New Testament. None could give the names of the 12 apostles.

This thought struck the writer like a flash! Here is a congregation of Christians, the majority of whom practice being absent from the Bible school. Here are their sons and daughters growing into adulthood without anything like adequate Bible training! This writer believes that the lack of Bible knowledge on the part of our youth can be attributed to the indifferent attitude of church members toward the Bible study.

Oh yes, the Bible says; "Study to shew thyself approved unto God." As a rule, the church member who does not attend the Bible study is NOT the one who diligently studies at home. The church member who attends the Bible study regularly and faithfully (as he does the 10 o'clock service) is the church member who studies his Bible privately. He is the one who knows God's will and does it. He is growing in grace. He is an asset to the Lord's work. Thank God! We have those who fit this pattern. This article is written with the fervent hope that it may help this kind to increase.

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