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Questions To Ponder??

1. Do you not feel a need for studying the Bible with other Christians and would it not benefit you to sing and pray with other Christians at this time?

2. Since the elders are instructed to “feed the flock” and since the “flock” is instructed to “obey them that have the rule over you.” are you not in rebellion to God’s authority when you refuse to attend this period of spiritual feeding provided by the elders?

3. Do you think it would be to the best interest of the church to abandon this meeting altogether?

4. If you stay at home from this meeting because of your children, would you allow them to hinder you from attending a teachers meeting, a farm bureau meeting, etc. or would you make arrangements for them for those occasions?

5. If your Lord should come on Wednesday night, would you rather be present with the saints of God studying the Bible than to be at home with your feet propped up, watching TV?

6. When your children grow up, do you want them to be regular in attendance at all the services of the church, or would you prefer that they follow your example?

7. Did you know that those who faithfully attend have as many children as others, work just as hard, have as many friends and social obligations, and that the reason they can come while you do not, is that they really want to come while YOU really do not?

8. Why not abandon all excuses and attend this meeting every time possible? You will be the one who gains by so doing.

- By Connie Adams, adapted

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