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by Stan L. Caldwell

Can you think of anything you could do that would be better for you than reading your Bible? Is the reading the newspaper more important? Is watching television more important? Many read the latest cookbook and even the latest self-help book. We like to read of great men for their biographies can help us some in life. But are any of these more important than reading our Bible and can they do more for us than can our Bible?

Reading the Bible is a great privilege. Did you ever receive a letter from a loved one from far away, be it a soldier in the family or a son or daughter or even a grandparent? Was it not exciting to open it and read it and even years later, if it was important enough to keep, do you not like to look back over it? Letters in your files from your parents who are now gone are good to get out and read from time to time. It is a privilege to read such letters. But God wrote the Bible, through His Holy Spirit and the apostles and prophets. This is a book that teaches us the best way to live this life but even more, it teaches us how to prepare for eternity. There is no other book like this book. There is no other author like the author of this book. There is no greater love shown among men than is shown in this Book. This is the greatest book ever written. Do you read any books? This one has no equal. You should love to read this book.

Reading the Bible is also an obligation. We are not obligated to read the newspaper or self-help books but we are obligated to read the Bible and that obligation comes from God. Read 2 Tim. 3:14-17 and see both the privilege and obligation of reading the Bible.

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