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by Stan L. Caldwell

One of the glorious psalms of David is Psalm 16. The heart of David can be felt in studying the Psalms. David was a man after the heart of God. He did sin from time to time and sin grievously but he always returned to the Lord and put his entire heart in his service to God. David realized, as we should, that only in God is real joy and comfort. Men will desert you, seek to harm you, bring you down to the dust and laugh at you when calamity strikes. But God is true. He desires what is best for us and He seeks with His every act to lift us up and cause us to stand. How great is our God!

David held God as his refuge. His trust was in God. He desired God to watch over him. He realized that there was no goodness in him apart from God. His delight was also in God. He recognized the excellence that was found in the saints of God. Those who are genuine Christians are a delight to all other Christians. His inheritance was in Jehovah. David realized that there were no gods but Jehovah and he would not offer sacrifice to any but Jehovah. It was God that provided for him and upheld him, giving him the needs of this life. He saw God as his pleasant and beautiful inheritance.

David also knew that God would not fail him. This faith was conditional to David for one must be righteous if he expects God to uphold him. David said he would bless Jehovah for Jehovah was his wisdom, his heart, his right hand and stay, his heart's joy, his glory and his hope! How could anyone be closer to the Lord than was David? He believed that Jehovah would not leave him but make known to him the way of life. This Psalm is Messianic and describes for us the resurrection of Jesus but has application to us all and to David as well. David concluded that in Jehovah's presence is the fullness of joys and at His right hand are pleasures forevermore.

When we apply this passage to our lives we can put our trust in God whatever the circumstances of life may bring, knowing that He is our refuge and strength and recognizing that God will never leave us as we walk by His side in righteousness.

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