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By Stan L. Caldwell

There are so many things we have that trouble us and cause us grief and at times it seems we emphasize those more than anything else and we become negative minded often even while striving to correct the evils about us, even though such is necessary. But there are also so many things for which we should give thanks. Let us note a few of these.

Brethren of like precious faith. We here in the congregation should ever be thankful for one another as we see faithfulness on the part of others. Men and women who worship regularly, take part in the public worship, leading singing and prayers and even preaching. Others do so many fine things in keeping the building up and maintaining the yard work, etc. We are not alone in our service to God and for that we should be indeed thankful and hold up the hands of one another in what is good and just and righteous.

The Word of God with its freedom of access. Some places do not have such access to the Word of God but are tied to false religions and false books of men's devising. How thankful we should be that we can read for ourselves God's Word so that we can apply it to our lives and see how God has been mindful of us through the ages. How can we keep from reading such a valuable Book? We have been blessed with this and should thank God constantly for His Word.

The freedom of religion in this nation of ours. Too often we take for granted the very privilege we have of assembling and worshipping with other saints. If the government shut down our churches and said you could no longer assemble to worship how upset would you be? But do you take advantage of the few services we have each week? Do you take this privilege for granted? Wednesday evenings we study God's Word together and encourage one another as we do on Sunday evenings and Sunday mornings. Do we count our blessings as we should?

The many physical blessings. When I pray I seek to thank God for all He has given us. Many of the blessings I know so little about. This world of ours is filled with blessings from God from the oceans to the stars and every blade of grass and the beauty of the flowers, etc. He gives us air to breath and water to drink and Oh so many blessings we cannot count them for their multitude. This life is made glorious for God blesses both the just and unjust in this manner.

The many spiritual blessings. These are even more impressive for we are so undeserving and yet we have the Cross of Christ, the plan of salvation, the Word of God, the hope of heaven and on and on it goes.

Let us shout for heaven to hear of our God, HOW GREAT THOU ART!!!

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