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By Stan L. Caldwell

Tomorrow is "PRESIDENT'S DAY" according to my calendar. We have had some important men in the White House and we should honor the office of President of these great United States. President James A. Garfield, of the middle of the 1800s, was a preacher prior to being President and he is said to have made the statement that he had stepped down as from the pulpit to be Presidency. I would that all of our Presidents were so religiously inclined to realize that there is indeed a higher power than that of politics. We do honor such men of integrity.

But today is, "THE LORD'S DAY"! And what a day this is. We do honor our LORD on this day. We meet together to partake of the Lord's Supper in proclaiming His death till He come. We are looking back at the cross of Calvary some 2000 years ago and we are looking forward to the second coming of Jesus whenever it may certainly be. We honor Christ for He is indeed worthy of all our adoration and praise. We not only honor Him but we worship Him as Divine for He is God The Son. It is on this day that we lay by in store a portion of that with which He has blessed us. We sing and pray and preach the Word. We do indeed glorify Him as we assemble with the saints.

No President has ever matched the life of JESUS CHRIST! However important any man may be, on the face of this earth, when he dies the only truly important thing to him will be did he please the Lord? President Garfield had the right attitude. May we see the greatness that is found in serving the Lord and may we truly worship Him on this, "THE LORD'S DAY"!

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