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"Whosoever shall compel thee to go one mile, go with him twain" (Matt. 5:41).

That for which the second mile stands, the overplus of goodness, unselfishness, and service, is seen throughout the scriptures. It characterizes, for instance, Christ's ample interpretation of the old law. "Thou shalt not kill," becomes in His lips "Be not angry." The law forbade adultery, He prescribed evil thought.

Applied to life's compulsions, it enjoins the doing of ordinary toils; the fulfillment of ordinary obligations in the spirit of Christian service.

The glory of the second mile is only to be seen in all its fullness as exemplified in Christ Himself. His teachings, His miracles of healing, His gentleness, the purity of the example which He left us, may be looked upon as the first mile to which the need of men compelled Him. But love constrained Him further, and the second mile led Him to Calvary!

And still, day by day, does He manifest that same love in His response to our restraints. For if we invite Him for one mile, and compel Him by faith and prayer with that compulsion to which He always so readily yields, to receive us into sacred fellowship with Him, He always goes further and gives "Exceeding abundantly above all" we may ask or think. And if we invite Him for the first mile of life, we need have no fear but that He will come with us twain, even through death and beyond. It is Christ who has made the second mile beautiful, and beckons us on to share its glory.

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