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Its language is easy to understand. Only short, simple words are used; and you can learn of God’s plan of salvation from any of the familiar translations in our language.

It is not a “Mystical” book. While there are some figurative passages difficult to understand, the primary purpose of the Bible is to reveal God to man, not to conceal Him. Look for the simplest meaning of the language that is consistent with other passages; and let the Bible explain itself.

Don’t skip around. Read each book as you would a friend’s letter; for most of the books are written in letter form.

Does this mean Me? Remember: there were some things said to unbelievers, other things spoken to those who believe, or to those who were penitent believers, or to those who had been baptized for the wrong purpose, or to those who were baptized into Christ. Which are you?

The Bible is for you! Read it often, and with reverence. And come Sundays and Wednesdays to learn with us its holy truth.

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