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The audio files below are all sermons preached in the year 2014. Older Sermons can be found here

2014 Sermons

Some sermons may include additional downloads such as powerpoint slideshows or documents to go along with each MP3 download.

Darrell Woodard - A Christian Womans Work Is Never Done
Darrell Woodard - Are You Building or Killing The Church
Darrell Woodard - Lessons From Molly Pitcher
Darrell Woodard - The Fullness of Stephen
Joel Valley - The Opening
Joel Valley - The Redeeming Love of God
Steve Butler - Soul
Steve Butler - Stop and take a look-It's in the book
Steve Butler - What Happens After Death
Steve Butler - What You Should Know about God Well
Wayne Seaton - Discipleship
Wayne Seaton - Faith
Jason Leber - Fear God
Jason Leber - God Is Good
Jeremy Diestelkamp - WHO ARE WE
Jerry Cleek - Is Life Worth Living
Stan Caldwell - Beliefs That Make Men Strong
Stan Caldwell - PRAYER
Stan Caldwell - What Jesus Wants
Steve Butler - Happy New You
Steve Butler - Know Your Scripture
Steve Butler - The Doctrine of Repentance
Steve Butler - The Providence of God
Steve Butler - Worship God in Truth
Darrell Woodard - Placing Membership
Steve Butler - Thief on the Cross
Wayne Seaton - Christian Profanity
Wayne Seaton - Give us a King
Heath Robertson - Adoption As Children
Heath Robertson - Jesus Says Keep Others First
Heath Robertson - Put On God
Heath Robertson - Sealed With The Holy Spirit
Heath Robertson - The Church Is Gods Household
Wayne Seaton - Are We Born In Sin
Wayne Seaton - Dealing With Death
Wayne Seaton - Four Reasons For Spiritual Weakness
Wayne Seaton - How God Draws Us To Him
Wayne Seaton - It Is Well With My Soul-Story Of The Song
Wayne Seaton - Keep Yourself From Sin
Wayne Seaton - Look What You Made Me Do
Wayne Seaton - Satans Ways
Wayne Seaton - Starting New
Wayne Seaton - What Are You Looking For
Wayne Seaton - Why
Wayne Seaton - 7 Steps Toward Apostacy
Wayne Seaton - Bring The Book
Wayne Seaton - Why Did God Make Us Mortal Beings
Wayne Seaton - Our God He Is Alive
Wayne Seaton - Walk as Children of Light
Wayne Seaton - Can We Find The Church Jesus Built Today
Wayne Seaton - Mechanical Instruments of Music in Worship
Wayne Seaton - What Kind of Hearer are You
Wayne Seaton - Why Church Is On Sunday
Wayne Seaton - Will only members of The Church Of Christ Be Saved
Wayne Seaton - Do You Believe Satan is Real
Steve Butler - What Manner Of Man Is This
Tim Seaton - Ahabs War
Wayne Seaton - How Can We Cope with Depression
Wayne Seaton - There is a Sea
Wayne Seaton - Have Mircles Ceased