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The following audio files are all sermons without a series theme. They are in order by Date and Time preached from most recent to the oldest.
Some sermons may include additional downloads such as powerpoint slideshows or documents to go along with each MP3 download.
Stan Caldwell - Agurs Wise Request - December 2010
Stan Caldwell - Four Hearts - December 2010
Stan Caldwell - It Makes A Difference - December 2010
Stan Caldwell - Study God's Word - December 2010
Stan Caldwell - The Gain Of The World - December 2010
Stan Caldwell - Lessons From Paul - November 2010
Stan Caldwell - Thanksgiving: A Way of Life - November 2010
Stan Caldwell - The Christian's Highest Joy - November 2010
Stan Caldwell - The Joy Of Salvation - November 2010
Stan Caldwell - Trivial Pursuits - November 2010
Stan Caldwell - Walking with God - November 2010
Stan Caldwell - Greater Works Than These Shall Ye Do - November 2010
Stan Caldwell - He Went Away Sorrowful - November 2010
Stan Caldwell - Jesus And The Lost - November 2010
Stan Caldwell - Am I My Brother's Keeper - November 2010
Stan Caldwell - Bible Authority - November 2010
Stan Caldwell - What We Bring To Marriage - November 2010
Steve Butler - A Trip To Job's House - November 2010
Curtis Hatcher - The Great Commandments - November 2010
Darrell Woodard - Heaven: Describing The Indescribable! - November 2010
Stan Caldwell - Where Are The Nine - October 2010
Stan Caldwell - What Makes Us Happy - October 2010
Stan Caldwell - What Can One Man Do? - October 2010
Stan Caldwell - Keeping Ourselves - October 2010
Stan Caldwell - Denomination October 2010
Stan Caldwell - How To Overcome Satan October 2010
Stan Caldwell - A Matter Of Life And Death October 2010
Stan Caldwell - What Is A Christian? October 2010
The Devil! October 2010
Stan Caldwell - Will We Know Anyone In Heaven? October 2010
Stan Caldwell - Ruined Sermons! October 2010
Be Like Him and Help Others! August 2010
Except! August 2010
Freedom from Self-prisons! August 2010
God's Mirror! August 2010
A Change For The Better: by Steve Butler 08-29-2010
Is The Truth The Same Today As 2000 Years Ago: by Curtis Hatcher 07-25-2010
The Platform of Christ's Church: by Stan Caldwell July-2010
Shipwreck of The Faith: by Stan Caldwell July-2010
Childish Things: by Stan Caldwell July-2010
Some Things God Can Do: by Stan Caldwell July-2010
Who do you sin against: by Darrell Woodard 06-27-2010