Bible Basics

A Correspondence Course you can study in the privacy of your own home. Below you will find a description of the lessons. With a study by correspondence course 1 lesson will be sent to you each time, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

After each lesson is completed the student is to send the completed lesson in and then the next lesson will be sent to the student. If a student has any questions at any time or would like to speak to someone then please send an email to or call (910)424-6152. To sign up for a correspondence course ,please fill out the sign up form here. The first 7 lessons establish what the word of God teaches about becoming a Christian. The last 6 lessons establish what the word of God teaches about being a Christian and remaining faithful to God. All 13 lessons focus on the authority of Christ and the Word of God for ALL we do!

Lesson #1: The Word of God
God has a Word and has spoken to man. Lesson #1 is designed to teach the truth regarding the inspiration of the Bible.

Lesson #2: The 2 Covenants
Understanding the difference between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant, between past truth and present truth. Lesson #2 is designed to consider the distinctions and contrasts between the 2 covenants and how we are to legitimately use each of the covenants.

Lesson #3: The Authority of Christ
A major principle of the Bible is the right of Jesus to rule, the authority of Jesus as the Christ. Lesson 3 is designed to teach that ALL authority is found in Jesus. Christ and Christ alone is to be heard in all matters of religion.

Lesson #4: Faith
Faith is one of the most talked about and yet also one of the most misunderstood subjects in the Bible. Faith is confident trust or firm persuasion. Faith in God is trusting him completely. In the realm of the unseen, faith is our substance and our evidence. A full and obedient faith is the bedrock of all of our acceptability to God.

Lesson #5: Repentance
God made man pure and upright. However, man chose to leave righteousness and leave God. Because of this God demands that men repent. The nature of this subject makes it necessary for us to understand precisely what repentance is.

Lesson #6: Confession
The disciple of Jesus Christ must take a stand before men. The cause of Christ demands open confession of Christ's deity and sovereignty. Confession affirms one's faith and makes others aware of who Jesus is. This lesson is designed to teach what confession is and what the purpose of confession is.

Lesson #7: Baptism
Baptism is one of the most controversial of all subjects in the Bible. Yet it does not need to be controversial at all. Lesson 7 is designed to find what the Bible teaches about baptism without partiality and without human opinion. Lean who is to be baptized, why be baptized, and what are the requirements for baptism.

Lesson #8: Spiritual Security
There is more to being saved than becoming a Christian. It is important to understand how to remain faithful to God after becoming a Christian. Lesson 8 is designed to teach what is necessary for one to be safe, i.e., what we must do to secure our salvation.

Lesson #9: The Name Christian
What name is applicable for the believer in God to wear? Is it appropriate to wear just any name? Lesson 9 is intended to answer these questions in light of the teaching of the New Testament without human opinion or bias.

Lesson #10: The Church – It's Establishment
It is important for a Bible believing person to believe what the Bible says about the establishment of the Church. The church is part of the eternal purpose of God. To say the church is not essential is to say that the eternal purpose of God is not essential. The Church Was Purchased by the Blood of Jesus. Jesus died for the church. If Jesus' death is important then the church is important! Lesson 10 is designed to teach who established the church, when, where, and how it was established, and who was added to the church.

Lesson #11: The Church – The Body of Christ
The term church means the called out. The church is a group of of people called out of the sinful world to serve Christ. The church is also identified as the body of Christ (Ephesians 1:22-23; Colossians 1:18). This figure emphasizes the unity of our relationship with Christ and fellow Christians. The purpose of Lesson 11 is to prove these facts and to determine the identity of this body. We will examine the New Testament in order to identify the New Testament Church!

Lesson #12: The Church – It's Organization
The pattern for the New Testament Church is in the New Testament. In it the Lord provides the complete and unchangeable pattern for the organization of the church. God expects us to follow his pattern of organization in all things including His Church.

Lesson #13: The Church – It's Worship Man is a worshiping being. History establishes the fact that man is certain to worship the object of his devotion. This is true even when the object is an idol. It is important, therefore, that each man be devoted to God. Lesson 13 is designed to identify New Testament worship which is acceptable to God and practiced wholly in keeping with the authority of Christ. Acceptable worship is Bible revealed worship.

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