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What instrument is the Christian to “play” or “pluck”? Eph 5:19 Col 3:16
Answer by Darrell Woodard via unknown source (From my Bible study on Psalms - Celebrating the Praises of God in Song)

The simple context says that the music is made with and in the heart. So the Scripture statement, “make melody in the heart” tells us the instrument with which it is done; but also tells us the location where it is done! By determining the very foundation of the words psallo, psalmo, and hymn we are able to determine the actual meaning as it applies to worship.
Some say that the word always implies that musical instruments are to be used. However, the scriptures do not leave anything to be implied. The scriptures plainly state what instrument the Christian is to “play” or “pluck”.
Eph 5:19 says “singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord” and Col 3:16 says “singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord”.
The phrase, “making melody,” comes from the Greek word “psallontes” (literally, plucking the strings of). Therefore, in New Testament worship, we are to “pluck the strings of our heart” (sing the psalms to the accompaniment of the heart) as we sing the psalms.

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