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Question #1: "Are the following phrases in the 'Song Of Solomon' references to Christ ('bundle of myrrh' - 1:13; 'cluster of camphire' - 1:14; 'rose of Sharon' - 2:1; 'the lily of the valley' - 2:1; 'him whom my soul loveth' - 3:2; 'the chiefest among ten thousand' - 5:10; 'altogether lovely' - 5:16))?"

Question #2: In Judges, chapter 11:30-31, 34-40, did Jephthah offer his daughter as a burnt-offering to the Lord? (West Virginia)

Question #3: What instrument is the Christian to “play” or “pluck”?

Question #4: Can a Christian serve in any capacity in the military?

Question #5: In Acts 20:7, 11, are these TWO different 'breaking(s) of bread,' or is there one ONE?

Question #6: What are the Scriptural words/phrases to say when offering 'Thanks' for the bread and fruit of the vine, in taking the Lord's Supper?

Question #7: What is acceptable obedience to, and conduct toward, government during times like these?

Question #8: What is 'the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.'?

Question #9: What is 'a sin which is not unto death,' and 'a sin which is unto death.' (I John 5:16-17, ASV)?

Question #10: Does the Bible teach 'the sinner's prayer,' and, if so, where can I find it in the Bible?

Question #11: Is apostolic succession taught in the Bible?

Question #12: Is it hypocritical to be a gun-toting Bible-thumper?

Question #13: So, you’re a Christian…. What does that mean?

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