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By Gary Bagwell

1. It is discussing Christianity or studying with a friend.
2. It is giving someone a track on a particular subject.
3. It is telling and showing your neighbor the happiness of being a Christian.
4. It is inviting the postman or paperboy to worship with you.
5. It is ringing doorbells on Sunday afternoon in the name of Christ.
6. It is teaching a Bible class in your home.
7. It is visiting in the home of a student in your class.
8. It is gathering the neighborhood children into your home for a Bible class.
9. It is bringing a friend to Bible study.
10. It is telling the boss about Jesus, the way to heaven.
11. It is planting the Word in some one's heart.
12. It is having a prospect in your home for dinner and a discussion of the Bible.
13. It is writing a letter to a loved one expressing your interest about his soul.
14. It is the encouragement given a new member.
15. It is exhorting one another to assemble in the scheduled services of the church.
16. It is teaching, reproving and rebuking the worldly, indifferent and wayward.
17. It is encouraging and strengthening the faint-hearted and comforting the bereaved.
18. It is visiting, reading the Bible with, and admonishing those who forsake the assemblies.
19. It is bringing sunshine and cheer to those who are hospitalized or shut-in.
20. It is seeking and saving the lost. It may be a class drop-out, or someone who has strayed away.
These are just some of the ways we can be actively involved in helping others and doing personal work.
Are you doing your part? The church needs all involved - a few cannot do the work for all!
In any church, it seems that those who complain the most, usually do the least amount of work.
Is that true with you? GET INVOLVED!

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