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By Leonard Mullens

1. In the Bible classes the word of God is taught. I am in need of all the knowledge that I can gain concerning God's holy will. The principals that will make me what God wants me to be are in the Bible.

2. I go to the Bible classes because the things which I learn there help me to become a better person in every relationship of life. I am made a better partner in my family, a better friend to my fellowman, and a better citizen of my country when I walk in the way of my Lord.

3. The Bible classes are worthy to me because they help me to become more useful in the service of God. Whatever ability I may possess has been granted to me from the Almighty, and the work of the Bible school helps me to increase my talent and so become more useful in the service of my God.

4. Again, attendance upon the study of God's word is of value to me because I realize that trials, temptations, sorrows, and burdens are always upon me. It is not possible for me to bear these alone. When I study the word of God and apply that knowledge to my own life, I find out how to accept my trials in the right way; I discover the way to find escape from temptation; I find comfort for my sorrows and the Lord's divine help in bearing my burdens. When I miss the Bible study I may very well miss the very lesson that would show me the way through troubles, grief, and temptation.

5. Bible classes are good to attend because the word of God answers in the best possible way the great questions of life. Where did I come from? What am I here for? Where am I going? What is after death? How can I go to heaven? How can I accomplish the very best possible with my life? How can I be happy here and after this life is ended?

6. I go to Bible classes because I want to please my God! He delights in those who delight in His word, and I want to cultivate such a yearning for the Words of Life that my heart will cry out for more and more of His blessed will. I am responsible to God for the effect of my actions on others and I want to be builded by the Lord so that I will not lead others astray by my example.

7. I attend Bible classes because I see the good that such studies accomplish in the life of the congregation and the individual.

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