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Noah - The Movie
By Wayne Seaton

My wife and I went to see the movie Noah last week. Rita didn't really want to see the movie, but I talked her into it. We knew the movie version was taken from a graphic novel and not from the Bible. We knew it was directed by an avowed atheist, who bragged that the movie was "the least biblical biblical film ever made". Knowing all this in advance, we saw the movie anyway. I like Russell Crow and Jennifer Connolly as actors, so we went to the movie to see what we knew was a piece of fiction. I tried to rationalize that a perverted story about Noah is better than no story at all. I thought we could see the film as a pure piece of fiction. I was wrong. I found that I could not separate the movie about a Biblical character from the Bible.

In keeping with the director's atheistic view, the Bible had nothing to do with the movie. What was amazing to me is that an atheist would make a movie about a Biblical character at all. After watching the movie, I understood why he made it. There is no mention of God at all in the film. Noah is not told by God that mankind is to be saved in the flood. Noah is a madman who plans to kill his grandchild born on the ark if it is a female who is able to bear children. Noah plans for the death of his children and for the end of all mankind. Noah did not build the ark (1 Pet. 3:20). Noah is portrayed not a righteous man but is as guilty as the rest of mankind on the earth.

The only innocents in the movie are the animals. There is rain but no mention of 40 days and 40 nights. It rains but who knows how long. Noah does not serve the God of heaven, but serves the pantheistic god of the director. Noah does not teach his children about the God of heaven, but about the god of nature. Noah and his family are not selected for salvation because he was a righteous man, but because he was stubborn enough to see to it that all mankind was obliterated, including himself and his family. The ark did not contain 8 righteous souls, but an environmentalist (Noah) and his wife, his three sons with one wife, a baby she bears him on the ark and a stowaway who was a king of the land.

Noah did not build the ark according to God's design. In fact Noah did not build the ark at all. The ark was built by giant creatures who were supposed to be fallen angels who came to earth to help man but whose help was rejected, except of course for Noah. These creatures of light were cruelly turned into creatures of rock because of their desire to help evil man. It is they who do all the heavy lifting of the logs and who do all the hammering of the ark together.

The overriding messages of the movie was not as one would expect. In the Biblical record, man is destroyed because of sin. There is a message of hope with man being saved along with the animals to start fresh in a pristine world without sin. Since this is "the least biblical biblican movie ever made", the theme is not biblical but environmental. In the movie, man was wicked because he destroyed the environment. Noah teaches his family not to eat meat because it is brutal and it destroys the environment. He teaches his children not to pick flowers because it destroyed the environment. "We only take what we can use", he teaches his sons. Noah doesn't teach his sons about serving the God of heaven, but he teaches them about saving the environment. Man is being destroyed not because he sinned against the God of heaven and against his fellow man. Man is being destroyed because he kills animals for food and destroys the environment. While this movie is not biblical, it is a religious movie. It is the expression of the director's god, the environment.

The movie is dark and brutal. Everybody kills man. The giant fallen angels kill man, Noah kills man, and whatever is left over is killed by the flood. Even at the end of the movie when we expect to see hope of a new earth and the rainbow which is God's promise to never destroy the world by water again. There is no rainbow!! Man has survived the flood, but by his own doing and not by the merciful hand of a compassionate God.

Is there any redeeming quality in the movie? Probably not! Even if it was an erroneous treatment of the story of Noah, I was at least hoping that the story would be told. The only good thing coming from the movie is that one might search the scriptures and see the story for themselves. Then and only then will people see how far off the mark from truth the movie was. However my fear is that people will see the movie and not search the scriptures and think that was the story of Noah. There is no message of a just God who punished the world because of man's sin. There was no message of hope for renewal because eight righteous souls saved by a compassionate God. There is no rainbow as the sign of the promise that God would never destroy the world by water again. Only the pantheistic message of man being destroyed because he eats animals and destroys the environment. The only ones who have a right to survive the flood are the environmentalists who refuse to eat meat and worship nature. One has to wonder how Noah and his family survived eating only a few plants, berries and nuts.

Did you ever wonder how the animals survived the year long trip in the ark? The movie answers that question. Noah's wife drugs them all with the smoke from some kind of plant that puts the animals into a sleep state. Interestingly enough not all the animals survive the trip. The wicked meat eating stowaway kills two species of animals to lure Noah into his trap so he can kill him. This is done with the help of his son who is angry with his father for not allowing him to bring on the woman he wants as his wife.

This movie is simply the latest attempt of our nation to seek the destruction of the Christian's faith in God and in the Bible as His word. Pantheism replaces the God of the Bible and environmentalism replaces righteousness. It is my hope that America will get tired of politicians, entertainers, the environmentalists, and the far left's attempt to destroy the faith of Christians. Movies like this only undermine one's faith in the Bible as God's word. If America is emboldened to speak out against such atrocities as Noah, then the movie will have some redeeming quality. Not likely however.

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