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Bywords and their definitions

I came across a list of words that you may want to drop from your vocabulary or at least understand their origin. We hear so much on Television these days that it become second nature to many of us to use words that we really don’t want to use. Hope these lists helps you to stop and think about your speech.
It might help to keep these lists for future reference. Note these words have been around a long time and hopefully some have dropped form current use.

Stan Caldwell

GRACIOUS ---- A mild expletive: an elliptical euphemism for Gracious God.
GUM ---- In minced oaths, a dialectal corruption of God.
GOODNESS KNOWS ---- An exclamation equivalent to “God only knows.”
GOD-A-MERCY ---- A corrupltion of “God have mercy” (Lord-a-mercy, too).
DRAT ---- God rot, a corruption or euphemistic form of the oath. (Synonym: hang, darn, doggone)
SWAN ---- To swear—used in minced oaths.
LORD ---- An exclamation of surprise or pity.

The following were listed by Carey P. McCord, M.D., in 1968:

BLIMY ---- God blind me
BLOODY ---- By my lady
CRIPES ---- Christ
DARN ---- Damn
DOGGONE ---- God rot them
DRAT ---- God rot them
EGAD --- God
GAD PODKINS ---- God’s body
GOSH ---- God
HOLY COW ---- Holy Christ
GAD ---- God
HOLY MACKEREL ---- Holy Flesh
HOLY SMOKE ---- Holy Spirit
HULLY GEE ---- Holy Jesus
LOR ---- Lord
LORDY ---- Lord
MARIAH ---- St. Mary
GAD ZOOKS ---- God’s wounds
GEE ---- Jesus
GEE WHIZ ---- Jesus Christ
GEE WHILLIKINS ---- Jesus Christ
GO TO FATHER ---- God to Hell
GOLLY ---- God
ODDS ROT IT ---- God rot them
ODDS ---- God
ODD RODKINS ---- God’s body
ODDS FISH ---- God’s flesh
ODDS ZOUNDS ---- God’s wounds
ZOUNDS ---- God’s wounds.

It is always good to check one’s speech and see if it cannot be improved, especially to the point that we are not taking the Lord’s name in vain.

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