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Dreams Can Come True!
by Stan L. Caldwell

Have you had dreams? I’m not talking of dreams in the night while you are asleep. Some have that kind of dreams. I was talking to Ed Salaz and He said he dreams constantly, nightly. He has that kind of mind. Some have good dreams of that kind and hopefully many of them come true. Others have nightmares and hopefully they won’t come to pass. Though if we are not what we should be our worst nightmare will come to pass when we are lost in hell eternally. But what I am talking about is true dreams for life and eternity or aims or goals in life. What are some of these dreams that we may possess and can these dreams come true?

1. DREAM TO BE A FAITHFUL CHRISTIAN! This dream can come to pass. What better goal could anyone have? A desire to be like Christ and to be faithful to the Lord. A dream to not only be a believer in Christ but a follower of Christ. How can this dream come to pass? It can come to pass by our obeying the gospel and living according to the word of God all the days of our life. If we are not willing to arise and be baptized and wash away our sins it will never happen. If we are not faithful in attending, worshiping and serving the Lord it will never happen. But if we are determined to obey the Lord all our days it can indeed come to pass.

2. DREAM TO MARRY A CHRISTIAN! This dream can indeed come to pass. Young girls and young boys dream of marriage. Those who are faithful Christians dream of marrying one of like precious faith. They dream of marrying a Christian. This dream can come true. One must date Christians or at least determine to convert the one they are close to. They must determine not to settle for anything less than one who is dedicated to Christ and that is willing to obey the Lord. If he or she is not willing to obey the gospel and you are putting the Lord first in your life why marry that one? Hold out for one who does love the Lord more than he loves you. Only this kind of person can help you get to heaven.

3. DREAM TO INFLUENCE OTHERS FOR GOOD! What greater dream can we have than this. We want to influence those about us for good. We want to influence our children for good. We want to influence the lost for good. How can this dream come to pass? It can come to pass by putting the Lord and righteousness first in our lives. It can come to pass by fulfilling the other two goals you have: (1) Being a faithful Christian and (2) Marrying a Christian. How else can we influence others for good?

4. DREAM TO GO TO HEAVEN: This is the goal of all who are in their right mind and have faith in the Word of God. This is the dream that God has given to us in speaking of the glories of eternal life with Him. How can we achieve this goal? By loving God with all our being and loving our fellow man as ourselves, Matt. 22:37-40, we can make it to heaven. We see others who have had this dream come true: Stephen, Acts 7; Moses and Elijah, Matt. 17:5; The faithful of Hebrew 11; Antipus of Rev. 2:13, etc. How can we have this dream come true? It can come true if we stay focused on our goals (l) Be a faithful Christian, (2) Marry a Christian and (3) Be an influence for good to others!

What dreams do you have? Will you pay the price to have them come true? Too often we think more of material things than we do of spiritual things. Let this not cause us to lose heaven! Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Life and eternity are too important and there are too many others depending upon you and your influence for good! Dreams can come true!

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