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The pastor spotted a new person in his church and went up to him. He said to the man, “Sir, I see you are dressed in cowboy clothing with boots and a large hat. That is not the proper way to dress for church.”
The man, “Oh, really. What is the way?”
The pastor told him, “Well, pray about it and ask the Lord and He will tell you how to dress.”
The next week the man was back in church, dressed exactly as before. The preacher asked him, “I thought I told you to ask the Lord how to dress for church.”
The man said, “I did, but He said He had never been to this church before.”
Joe Bozeman gave me the above verse. I do hope the Lord has been with us and I do hope our dress is appropriate. Let us resolve to worship in spirit and in truth and let us dress so as to please the Lord and let us have authority for all that we do religiously. I fear the Lord has not been in many of the churches of our day.


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