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He made no mistakes, took no wrong road,
No, never fumbled the ball.
He never went down ‘neath the weight of a load,
He simply did…NOTHING AT ALL!!!

He lost no hard fight in defense of the right;
Never bled with his back to the wall.
He never felt faint in his climb to the light,
He simply did…NOTHING AT ALL!!!

So death came nigh for life slips by,
And he feared the judgment hall.
When they asked him why, he said with a sigh,
“I simply did…NOTHING AT ALL.”

God will pardon your mistakes, my friend,
And regard with pity your fall;
But the one big sin that He will not mend
Is simply to do…NOTHING AT ALL.



Could it be that many of us are falling in the trap of the poem on this page. There are so many things we need to be actively doing. Are you serving the Lord or are you DOING NOTHING AT ALL? What can you do, you say?

1.Visit the sick or shut-ins
2.Invite your neighbors to attend the services with you
3.Pray and read your Bible
4.Visit slothful brethren
5.Count your blessings
6.Reach out to help others
7.Attend all services
8.Prepare for our classes
9.Write an encouraging letter
10.Encourage the brethren

There are 101 things that you can do for the Lord. It is a matter of setting our priorities and getting busy putting into action our desires. Make yourself a list. Make certain that you do something constructive. Let us SERVE THE LORD!


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