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By Sarah Caldwell, 1989

Life is but a circular journey
Our works are many, our trials a tourney
Our pilgrimage here is as the life of a flower
Put our trust in the Lord who has all power
It is not in man to direct his own ways
Lean on the Lord and you will see good days
Search our hearts and be sure we find
A spirit that is loving, gentle, and kind
Along the way if our brother stumbles
Go to him and be ye humble
Talk to him about his weakness
In all humility and meekness
If he will but listen we have gained our brother
Taking him under your wing
as would a loving mother.
Nothing is more delicate than the soul of man
Let’s work for the Lord and do all we can
Life’s road we all travel down in time
At the end of our jouney
may I claim the Lord as mine.

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