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By Stan L. Caldwell

There is much that we can learn about getting along with one another. Jesus’ statements in Matthew 22:39, that we should love our neighbor as ourself says it all. But we may not apply this as we should. Let us see some “C-words” that will help us fulfill this.

1. COURTESY: It should be a part of our character to be courteous to one another. We were taught as children to hold the door for others, to say yes sir. or no sir. when answering questions. When we speak harshly or fail to speak or simply ignore others we show our lack of kindness. Is it any wonder that people question our motives or those who raised us?

2. CONCERN: We should feel interest in those about us. When you know someone, it should be natural to be concerned when they are missing at their proper place. When they have needs of a physical nature or spiritual nature we should be moved. They should know that we care by our actions and by our words. It doesn’t hurt to drop a card or note to someone out of concern. A pat on the back sometimes has great healing power within it.

3. CHEERFULNESS: My little dog Fluffy knows how to get along with me. She is cheerful when she sees me. If we humans could only learn to be cheerful and show it in some manner when we greet one another. Paul used the phrase, “greet one another with a holy kiss”. I’ve seen some brethren that I believe their face would drop off if they had to grin when they met the brethren. I hear there are several muscles involved in grinning. The main one is the muscle of the heart, I believe. Let us exercise this muscle. There are few things that can do more for good human relationships than pure happiness toward one another. Check your heart on this!

4. COMPLEMENTS: I’m not talking here of flattery. Flattery is by definition lying. It has to do with complements that are not true and are given for the benefit of the one speaking rather than for the good of the one complemented. But all of us need recognition for the good that is within us. Parents that never complement their children miss the richness of association with their children. They fail to encourage them in good. They fail to build the bond of love that is necessary to a good outlook on life and future trust in human relationships.

5. CONSTANCY: Don’t care about others one day and feel nothing for them the next. We need not be good to them one day and bite their head off the next. Our concern for others should be genuine and constant. Our council to them should always be for their well being. They should know that we want what is best for them at all times. More importantly we should want what is best for them at all times. That is just a part of our character. This truly builds good relations.

6. CLEANLINESS: If we are going to help others in life we must lead a clean life ourselves. We cannot curse, lie, steal, drink or tell smutty jokes. We cannot build good, productive, uplifting relationships with others unless we are good? Paul wanted us to be an imitator of him as he was of Christ. This should be our goal. May God help us to do our part in human relationships!

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